Self-Lubricating Bearings Solutions

Self-Lubricating Bearing by Kaman Specialty Bearings

High Performance, Low Wear Solutions

A self-lubricating bearing is a component that does not require any additional external lubrication.
Kaman Specialty Bearings features high performance, low wear self-lubricating bearing solutions using Fabric Liners, Dry Film Lubricants, Carbon Based Coatings, and our proprietary KAron®, Machinable/Moldable Liner for engineered performance.

Machinable / Moldable Liners

Machinable/Moldable Liner by Kaman Specialty Bearings

Noted for its high performance and low wear rate, Kamatics’ self-lubricating liner systems have established superior results in providing longer life and lower maintenance costs, even when operating in areas of high moisture, fluid/debris contamination, and elevated temperatures. Our maintenance free liner systems provide low friction, high load capacity, long life with low rates of wear, and a large temperature range for a variety of applications.


Kaman Machinable/Moldable Liner Solutions



Fabric Liners

Self-Lubricating Fabric Liners by Kaman Specialty Bearings

RWG FRASLIP self-lubricating bearing materials are based on specially engineered liner fabrics with a tight woven fabric of synthetic fibers coated / saturated with a unique matrix of PTFE powder, high strength resin, and special fillers. This design provides high load rating, uniform wear behavior, low friction and extended service life.


Kaman Fabric Liner Solutions



Dry Film Lubricant

Dry Film Lubricant by Kaman Specialty Bearings

KFL-DM is a unique surface coating liner that provides durable, lubricious, low friction sliding performance. KFL-DM is typically used for applications requiring a thin, low friction coating for metal surfaces that contact one another, and cause surface damage from rubbing and fretting.


Kaman Dry Film Lubricant Solutions


Carbon Based Coating

Carbon Based Coating Material for Self-Lubricating Bearings

Carbon Based Coating (CBC) was developed to provide a hard mating surface for PTF-fabric self-lubricating bearings. CBC can be used on a titanium ball within a spherical bearing, or for metal to metal bearings to create a superior tribological system with its friction partner. CBC fulfills the requirements of aerospace specifications for such coatings.


Kaman Carbon Based Coating Solutions


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