High-Precision Miniature Ball Bearings

GRW Miniature Ball Bearings

Engineered Performance – High Precision Miniature Ball Bearings

Headquartered in Rimpar, Germany, GRW is the global technology leader in the development and production of high precision miniature ball bearings.


GRW High Precision Miniature Ball Bearings

With manufacturing facilities in both Germany and the Czech Republic, GRW produces high precision miniature ball bearings’ that perform under the most extreme conditions, high and low temps (+450C to -270C), chemical exposure, salt water, blood and radiation. With 20 million variants produced, GRW bearings are used whenever there is a need for a high precision bearing in a small confined space. GRW’s miniature ball bearings can be found in industries including aerospace, medical and dental, food and beverage, vacuum, and factory automation.

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