Our Test & Development Lab

Kaman Specialty Bearings Test & Development Lab

Kaman’s full service test & development lab is equipped with test fixtures designed and built by our dedicated test and applications engineering team.


While the majority of testing is aerospace related, the test facility is outfitted with modular testing stands that can support a great variety of testing configurations, including driveshaft high and low cycle fatigue testing, or cam follower and track roller endurance, friction, and environmental testing.

Liner Approved Specifications

  • AS81934
  • AS81820
  • AS81819
  • AS85560
  • EN4538
  • EN4539
  • EN4540

Tested Contaminants & Conditions

  • Skydrol 500B-Hydraulic Fluid
  • MIL-DTL-5625 - Jet Fuel JP4
  • MIL-PRF-7808 - Oil
  • MIL-PRF-5606 - Hydraulic Fluid
  • AS8243 - Anti-Icing Fluid
  • MIL-PRF-83282 - Hydraulic Fluid
  • Sand/Dust Environments
  • Aerospace & Industrial Greases
  • +500°F (260°C)



Multiple Bearing Test Rig

Specialty Bearings Testing
  • Designed to test bushings, spherical bearings, and rod-ends under constant or cyclic loading
  • Specifically configured to test industry acceptable standards (AS81820, AS81934, AS81819, and others)
  • Testing temperatures between -65°F (-55°C) and +500°F (+260°C)
  • Digitally controlled active data collection capability
Multiple Bearing Test Rig

Modular Testing Tables

Modular Bearing Testing Tables
  • Large, rigid, fully customizable testing tables
  • Grid-patterned mounting system for custom test setups
  • Setups designed for cyclic rotation or sliding endurance
  • Portable environmental chambers for temperature control
  • Custom designed fixtures per customer requirements
Modular Testing Tables

MTS Material Tester

MTS Material Tester
  • Fully customizable test rig with 100,000 lb load capability
  • Reversing load capability with real time data feedback
  • Varying load and motion spectrums, such as an aircraft flight cycle
  • Environmental controls (temperature, controlled contamination)

Material Fatigue Rig

Bearing Fatigue Tester
  • In-plane bending (flexural fatigue) testing
  • Test speed up to 30 Hz
  • Samples up to 6 inches in length, 2 inches in width, up to 0.125 inches thick
Material Fatigue Rig

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