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Kaman Precision Products has been producing precision, ruggedized memory recording and playback systems since the early 1960s and the Apollo space program. From the early days, Kaman Precision Products has developed and fielded advanced military-grade memory systems for military aircraft using magnetic tape, disk drive, and solid state systems that can survive extreme temperature and vibration-dense environments.

Today, Kaman Precision Products produces Multi-Port data systems, SCSI & SATA drive systems, and flash memory devices. We are a full-service, Life-Cycle Management organization that supports products well past maturity, providing complete logistical support for service and repair applications.

Kaman designs, develops, and manufactures sophisticated, reliable memory systems for military applications. These efforts have as an embedded element of COTS products and their integration into military environment systems.

We continue to work in concert with customer engineer groups to identify the best technologies for their applications, and subsequently create data transfer units for each specific application. This engineering design process begins by utilizing analytical modeling programs and CAD and software development models. Our Rapid Prototyping Shop produces demonstration units for testing in customer laboratories, and our engineering test group performs extensive EMI, vibration, and environmental tests to assure specification adherence. Final products are then manufactured within our Middletown, Connecticut certified facility.

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At the forefront of technology, Kaman Precision Products released the Model 9400 Sentinel Series of Solid State memory products. Utilizing state-of-the-art flash technology, the memory is hermetically sealed and welded in PCMCIA cards to ensure immunity from severe environments, as they are used in a wide range of data transfer systems (e.g., 1553, ATA, Ethernet). The 9415 product is currently being used in the Navy MH-60S helicopter platforms.



Kaman's participation in hundreds of programs over four decades is indicative of our company's commitment to the memory systems marketplace. Because we are able to provide continuous high reliabiltiy and performance, we have fielded more than 50,000 memory products for more than 140 airborne, shipboard, and ground tactical systems. Applications include use on the F-117, C-130AMP, C-130J, MH-60R, MH-60S, Blackhawk Programs, C-27, B-1A, B-1B, B-52, E-2C, AFTI-F16, F-14, F-18, EA-6B, LAMPS MK III, SH-2G, ASDS, USAV, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station.



Memory products are designed and produced at our Middletown, Connecticut facility, which is qualified to AS9100/B and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System requirements. In Middletown, we operate a modern, air-conditioned facility that includes engineering, quality, and administration offices. This facility also houses memory products manufacturing; the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) center; and full-spectrum environmental laboratory.


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