Bomb Fuzing Systems

Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products is a leader in bomb fuzing systems. We are the sole producer of the US Air Force FMU-152A/B Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF) bomb fuze system and a major Teaming Partner for the US Navy FMU-139C/B bomb fuze.
Kaman Bomb Fuze
FMU-152A/B JPF Programmable Bomb Fuze
The JPF is a multi-function Hard/Soft Target fuzing system developed for use by both NAVAIR and the USAF in the Mk80 series, BLU-109, BLU-110, BLU-111, BLU-113, BLU-117, BLU-122, BLU-126, BLU-129, BLU-130, BLU-133, and in conjunction with JDAM and Paveway weapon kits and with High-Drag and Low Drag tail kits.
Kaman fuzing system
FMU-139C/B Bomb Fuze
The FMU-139C/B is an electro-mechanical impact/impact delay fuzing system developed for use by both the US Navy and USAF in the Mk80 series, BLU-110, BLU-111 and BLU-117 and in conjunction with JDAM (limited), Laser Guided, and enhanced Laser Guided (limited) weapon kits and with High-Drag and Low Drag tail kits.