Self-Lubricating Bearings Solutions

Kaman Self-Lubricating Specialty Bearings

High Performance, Low Wear Solutions

Machinable / Moldable Liners

Self-Lubricating Bearing Liners

Noted for its high performance and low wear rate, Kamatics’ self-lubricating bearings systems have established superior results in providing longer life and lower maintenance costs, even when operating in areas of high moisture, fluid/debris contamination, and elevated temperatures.

Kaman self-lubricating bearings can be found in thousands of aerospace locations, most commonly in:

Commercial/Military Fixed Wing Aircraft

  • Landing Gear
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Doors
  • Engines
  • Slats
  • Vertical & Horizontal Stabilizer Bearings

Commercial/Military Rotorcraft

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Rotor Control Systems
  • Damper Bearings
  • Landing Gear
  • Swash Plate Bearings
  • Pitch Control Bearings

Space Vehicles & Satellites

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Doors
  • Hatches
  • Solar Array Deployment Systems



Fabric Liners

Fabric Liners for Bearings

RWG FRASLIP self-lubricating bearing materials are based on specially engineered liner fabrics that include PTFE and other fibers for high load, low friction and extended service life.

There are 3 basic fabric formulations that cover most of the applications RWG is engaged in.  Other liner fabrics are available for consideration as well with Kaman's self-lubricated bearings.

Self-Lubricating Liner System FRASLIP F

  • Tight woven fabric of multifilament synthetic fibers, coated (saturated) with a unique formula of PTFE, resin and special fillers
  • Outstanding compatibility with bare titanium
  • Non swelling
  • Low outgassing, tested per mVCM ECSS Q70-02
  • Qualified to SAE AS 81820, EN2755, ABS2045 plus many customer approvals

New Helicopter Liner System FRASLIP EF

  • First liner system with engineered mating surface
  • Tight woven fabric of multifilament synthetic fibers with interwoven
    PTFE-Fibers, saturated with resin
  • Mating Surface superfinished Tungsten Carbide

New Self Lubricating Bearing System FRASLIP T

  • High temperature liner system
  • Medium load rating

Fraslip Catalogs and Resources


Dry Film Lubricant

Dry Film Lubricant for Bearings

KFL-DM dry film lubricant coating is a superior alternative to dry film lube. KFL-DM is a polymer based film coating impregnated with PTFE, and other special fillers. KFL-DM can be applied to many surfaces including splines and other complex geometry. KFL-DM is used in an “as applied” condition with no final machining step being required and a resulting thickness of 0.025 – 0.051mm (.001-.002”). 


  • No maintenance
  • Extended life
  • Superior  Performance
  • Cost effective


  • Fretting barrier
  • Fluid compatibility
  • Durable



Carbon Based Coating

Carbon Based Coating for Bearings

Carbon Based Coating (CBC) was developed to provide a hard mating surface for PTFE-fabric self-lubricating bearings. CBC can be used on a titanium ball within a spherical bearing, or for metal to metal bearings to create a superior tribological system with its friction partner. CBC fulfills the requirements of aerospace specifications for such coatings.

Typical applications:

  • Landing gears
  • Light weight bearings with titanium ball
  • Dry running bearings
  • Bearings at elevated temperatures


  • Very thin and hard coating with similar structure like diamond
  • Approved at Airbus and Boeing

Self-Lubricating Spherical Bearings:

  • Improved performance when applied on the ball
  • Obtaining hard, smooth surface on titanium balls for weight saving

Metal to Metal Spherical Bearings:

  • Improved performance, both on ball and outer race
  • Reduction of friction, wear and maintenance e.g. landing gear bearings

Rolling Element Bearings:

  • Improved performance when applied on the raceways
  • Reduction of friction, wear and maintenance in areas where lubrication is difficult or impossible