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Kaman Self-Lubricating Bearings for Hydropower
Reducing maintenance cost, improving performance, and increasing life in harsh environments

Kaman employs a dedicated engineering staff that works closely with our customers to design self-lubricating bearings for gate systems, Kaplan hub trunnion and wicket gate bushing applications around the world. Using our proprietary KAron bearing technology, we are able to offer our customers the highest performing, longest lasting, lowest cost-to-own bearings in the industry.

Kaman Self-Lubricating Bearings for Hydropower

Self-Lubricating Bearings

Noted for its high performance and low wear rate, our self-lubricating liner systems have established superior results in providing longer life and lower maintenance costs, even when operating in areas of high moisture, fluid/debris contamination, and elevated temperatures. From the top-of-the-line machineable KAron® liner to the best performing fabric liner in the industry, we can provide the tailored solution to fit your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • High Operating Load
  • Low Consistent Friction
  • Fluid Compatiblity
  • Can Be Machined
  • Applied to a Variety of Substrates
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Long Life
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • 100% Bond, Non-Peelable
  • Applied to Complex Geometry
  • Wide Liner Thickness Range
  • Anti-Fretting Properties


Specialty Self-Lubricating Bearings

Wear Strips

Kaman offers multiple types of Wear Strips with each providing unique characteristics to prevent metal to metal wear and fretting damage from sliding or rubbing surfaces. Our Wear Strips are designed to be bonded onto surfaces as a protective barrier, and are available in standard sizes or custom cut profiles.


Kaman Specialty Bearings Wear Strips for Hydropower


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