Wear Strips

Aerospace Wear Strip by Kaman Specialty Bearings

Kaman offers multiple types of Wear Strips with each providing unique characteristics to prevent metal-to-metal wear and fretting damage from sliding or rubbing surfaces.

KAron V Wear Strip

KAron V Wear Strip for Aerospace Applications

Kamatics KAron V Wear Strips consist of standard KAron Grade V self-lubricating bearing material applied to a thin fiberglass substrate that includes a mixture of PTFE among other fillers. Available in two standard thicknesses, the bearing material provides a low sliding friction for wear resistance. KAron V wear strips come with a removable woven nylon peel-ply on the back of the fiberglass to protect the bonding surface from dirt and debris.



P54 Wear Strip

P54 Wear Strip for Aerospace Applications

Kamatics P54 Wear Strips are a thin sheet self-lubricating bearing material comprised of a resilient thermoset resin matrix with synthetic fibers in a laminate construction for strength and durability. Specifically designed for bearing applications. As a wear strip, it is designed to be bonded onto surfaces which are subjected to light to medium duty rubbing pressure, or as a fretting resistant barrier.



Ultra-Light Duty ST Wear Strip

Kamatics-Ultra Light Duty ST Wear Strip is a low friction wear resistant material comprised of PTFE and other synthetic fibers with a thermoset resin designed to prevent fretting or wear damage on sliding or rubbing surfaces. The unique thin cross section of 0.011” (0.28mm) makes Ultra-Light Duty Wear Strip ideal for aerospace surface applications that require an extremely low profile or high flexibility.



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