Dry Film Lubricant


KFL-DM dry film lubricant coating is a superior alternative to dry film lube. KFL-DM is a polymer based film coating impregnated with PTFE, and other special fillers. KFL-DM can be applied to many surfaces including splines and other complex geometry. KFL-DM is used in an “as applied” condition with no final machining step being required and a resulting thickness of 0.025 – 0.051mm (.001-.002”). 


KFL-DM liners are a perfect complement to the KAron liner systems.

  • Can be applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel-based alloys, and many other metals
  • Fully compatible with all aerospace fluids.



  • No maintenance
  • Extended life
  • Superior  Performance
  • Cost effective


  • Fretting barrier
  • Fluid compatibility
  • Durable




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