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Flexible Shaft Coupling by Kaman Specialty Bearings

Solutions to the Most Challenging Power Transmission Applications

Our proprietary KAflex® and Tufflex® flexible shafts and flexible coupling systems are frequently selected for critical rotating applications that demand a level of performance and safety that cannot be achieved with conventional greased coupling systems or standard flex-element couplings. Extreme torque, excessive angular misalignment, and high operating speeds are just a few of the parameters that make customers and driveshaft suppliers turn to Kamatics Flexible Drive Systems.


Flexible Drive System for Aerospace

Aerospace drive system applications present some of the most challenging and demanding power transmission requirements for flexible coupling elements. In an effort to avoid potential drive shaft problems, these flight-critical applications earned the Kamatics’ KAflex® and Tufflex® driveshaft systems their pedigree and reputation for safety that our drive shaft suppliers are looking for. For close to four decades, our maintenance-free couplings have been the first choice for helicopter main-shaft and tail rotor driveline locations; applications where failure is not an option as component malfunction can mean loss of life.


  • No lubrication required

  • Superior misalignment capability

  • Integral fail-safe feature

  • High torque capacity
  • Rugged construction

  • Damage tolerant - repairable


  • Extended service life
  • Increased reliability
  • Ease of inspection
  • Cost effective


Kaman Shaft Coupling

When standard power transmission couplings fall short of performance and life requirements for critical industry applications, designers frequently turn to Kamatics’ flexible drive shaft coupling solutions. Our unitized diaphragm-type flexible coupling design offers an extremely capable, maintenance-free solution to the industry’s most challenging driveline applications. The flexible drive systems are particularly well-suited for critical system applications with the potential for high angular and axial misalignments at high operating speeds.


  • No lubrication required

  • Superior misalignment capability

  • High torque capacity

  • High speed capability

  • Rugged construction

  • High torsional stiffness

  • Zero backlash


  • High performance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Continuous operation, no downtime
  • Increased reliability
  • Longest life durability
  • Cost effective

Aftermarket Documentation

Flexible Drive Shaft by Kaman Specialty Bearings

Aftermarket Driveshafts:

Bell UH-1H

206 A/B Series

206 LI/LIII Series


KAflex Product Support
Aftermarket Product Service Instruction Manuals:

206 A/B Series for Commercial Only
SIN 2348 Current Rev. K Dated 04-21-15
Download PDF Manual Here

206LI/LIII Series
SIN 3052 Current Rev. D Dated 03-30-15
Download PDF Manual Here

206 A/B Series Rotor Brake
SIN 2975 Current Rev. A Dated 4-18-14
Download PDF Manual Here

Aftermarket Torque Stripe Repair Kits:
Kits are available from the Henkel Corporation website. Please consult service instruction for guidelines for proper maintenance procedures before applying any torque stripe touch up. Visit the Henkel Corporation website.


Overhaul & Repair

KAflex Direct Aftermarket Services

206 A/B Series Repair/Overhaul Note; (Commercial STC Units Only) (6000HR. TBO)*
*Please consult service instruction for operation, inspection and maintenance guidelines.

206 L1/LIII Series Repair/ Overhaul (4500HR. TBO)*
*Please consult service instruction for operation, inspection and maintenance guidelines.

BO105 Repair/Overhaul*
*Please consult OEM service instruction for operation, inspection and maintenance guidelines.

Please contact Kamatics Corp. for pricing and availability (860) 243-9704 | KAMKAflex@Kaman.com


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