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Kaman Specialty Bearings for Rotorcraft

Bearing Solutions, Engineered Components & Aftermarket Products for Rotorcraft Applications

Kamatics, RWG and Extex produce the highest performing bearings, drive systems and operational critical parts for military and commercial rotorcraft.

Self-Lubricating & Roller Element Bearings | Flexible Drive Systems

Kaman Rotorcraft Solutions

Our bearings and engineered components are custom designed for rotorcraft in flight controls, landing gear, doors, actuators, engines, and for structural attachment points. Our bearings solve maintenance issues, improve performance, reduce weight, increase lift, and are engineered to perform in extreme environments. Because our self-lubricating liner systems can perform under higher loads and at lower friction coefficients, we can offer smaller and lighter solutions that fit into tighter envelopes.

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Engine & Helicopter Aftermarket

Engine & Helicopter Aftermarket Parts

EXTEX Engineered Products designs and supplies high-precision, aftermarket aerospace replacement parts for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Our proven innovations have kept us out in front in our industry—and helped keep our clients out in front in theirs. Backed by our heritage of aerospace innovation, EXTEX Engineered Products conform to original form, fit and function, with robust designs that, in some cases, have been adopted by the OEM.

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