Engineering Resources

Engineering Resources for Kaman Specialty Bearing Products & Technologies

On this page, you will find engineering resource materials that include product details, technical documentation and resources for working with our team and technologies. 

Please download these materials and contact us with any questions or requests.



Design Guide: Self-Lubricating Machinable / Moldable Lined Bearings
Catalogs: Self-Lubricating Machinable / Moldable Lined Bearings
Aerospace Bearings
Marine Bearings
Track Rollers, Cam Followers, and Airframe Pivot Bearings
Motorsport Bearings
Datasheets: Machinable / Moldable Self-Lubricating Liners
KAron B
KAron BX
KAron V
KAron VS
KAron F
KAtherm T-87
Wear Strips
Wear Strip Selection Guide
P54 Wear Strip Datasheet
P54 Thin Wear Strip Datasheet
KAron V Wear Strip Datasheet
KAMTough Datasheet
Datasheets: Self-lubricating Fabric Liners
Fraslip A Datasheet
Fraslip EF Datasheet
Fraslip F Datasheet
Fraslip T Datasheet
EXTEX APU Sell Sheet
EXTEX T53 Brochure
EXTEX Medium Helicopter Sell Sheet
EXTEX PT6 Sell Sheet
EXTEX Rolls Royce Model 250 Brochure
Catalogs: Self-Lubricating Fabric Lined Bearings
Self-Lubricating Fabric Lined Journal Bearings
Self-Lubricating Fabric Lined Rod End Bearings
Self-Lubricating Fabric Lined Spherical Bearings
Catalogs: Roller Element and Metal to Metal Bearings
Metal to Metal Rod End Spherical Bearings
Metal to Metal Spherical Bearings
Rod End Ball Bearings
Rolling Elements