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Acquisition Strategy & Criteria for Kaman Corporation

Kaman Corporation Acquisition Strategy

Growth through acquisitions is an important element of Kaman's corporate strategy. We evaluate businesses quickly and confidentially. If you own a business and are interested in considering a sale of your business to Kaman, or you represent an owner of a business interested in selling to Kaman, please contact:

Philip A. Goodrich  
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Kaman Corporation


Bryan Larson
Executive Director, Corporate Development
Kaman Corporation

Our acquisition criteria include the following:

Kaman Aerospace

We seek to add profitable businesses with any of the following products or skill-sets:

  • Large, complex aerostructure assemblies
  • Metallic and/or composite aerostructure component manufacturing
  • Composites technology and automation
  • Aerostructure engineering design capability
  • Self lubricated aerospace bearing technologies
  • Complex machining of titanium aerostructures
  • Tooling design and manufacturing, including automation
  • High speed aluminum machining
  • Hot forming of titanium
  • Stretch forming
  • Unmanned aircraft systems
  • High speed drive shaft and coupling technologies
  • Helicopter blade manufacturing
  • Helicopter MRO operations
  • Measuring instruments/sensors

We are interested in businesses: (i) with profitable sales in the $30 million to $300 million range; (ii) having strong management teams who are interested in continuing to work with the business as part of Kaman; and (iii) that possess appropriate quality approvals and business systems. Geographically, we have interest in businesses located in North or South America, Europe or Asia.

Kaman Distribution

For Kaman Distribution, we seek to acquire North American distributors of power transmission products (bearings, drives, motors, etc.), fluid power products (hydraulics and pneumatics) and motion control and automation products that will either expand our geographic coverage, deepen our penetration in particular markets, or broaden our value added services capability. We prefer businesses with at least $20 million of profitable sales.