Kaman Composites Wichita and Tamarack Aerospace Group Sign Teaming Agreement

July 16, 2018

FARNBOROUGH, England--Jul. 17, 2018-- Kaman Composites – Wichita, Inc. announced today at the Farnborough Air Show a teaming agreement with Tamarack Aerospace Group to collaborate on ATLAS Active Winglet technology opportunities for select military aircraft platforms.

“The collaboration between our two companies will capitalize on the synergy resulting from the complementary capabilities we each offer,” explained Mark Withrow, Vice President and General Manager of Kaman’s U.S. composites business. “Our agreement combines the innovative technology of the Tamarack Aerospace ATLAS Active Winglet with Kaman’s engineering, contracting and structural fabrication capabilities.”

Brian Cox, President Tamarack Aerospace stated, “We are excited to have a partner in Kaman that has deep experience on military programs. Our Active Winglet technology has had tremendous success on the Cessna CitationJet series. Our Active Winglets have the ability to add performance benefits to a broader assortment of military and commercial platforms without the weight and cost penalties of other solutions which require structural reinforcement of the wing.”

The ATLAS Active Winglet is a Tamarack Aerospace Group invented and patented technology designed to alleviate additional wing loading imposed by winglet installation. Kaman and Tamarack have identified specific military aircraft platforms that will benefit most from the installation of ATLAS Active Winglet.

“The ATLAS Active Winglet Technology will provide significant value to the U.S. Military, increasing aircraft readiness, time on station and overall aircraft performance efficiencies. We look forward to working with Tamarack to bring this technology forward to our U.S. military teams,” said John Unghire, Senior Director, Business Development, Kaman Aerosystems.

About Kaman Composites Wichita
KCW, an AS9100 Rev D registered company located in Wichita, KS, offers a full line of services in composites from design, prototyping and testing, to full production of composite components and assemblies. With over 130,000 sq. ft., KCW fabricates components for the defense, general aviation and commercial markets. KCW is Nadcap accredited for composite processing, NDI, and chemical processing.

About Kaman Aerosystems
Kaman Aerosystems is a division of the Aerospace segment of Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN), which was founded in 1945 by aviation pioneer Charles H. Kaman. Headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Kaman Corporation conducts business in the aerospace and distribution markets. The company produces and/or markets widely used proprietary aircraft bearings and components; super precision, miniature ball bearings; complex metallic and composite aerostructures for commercial, military and general aviation fixed and rotary wing aircraft; aerostructure engineering design analysis and FAA certification services; safe and arm solutions for missile and bomb systems for the U.S. and allied militaries; subcontract helicopter work; production of the K-MAX medium-to-heavy lift helicopter and support for the company's SH-2G Super Seasprite maritime aircraft. More information is available at www.kaman.com.

About Tamarack Aerospace
Idaho based Tamarack Aerospace Group Inc. invented and patented the revolutionary Active Winglet system. Tamarack’s certified Active Winglets are three to four times more efficient than passive (traditional) winglets. The Active Winglet system typically provides a reduction in fuel burn, performance gains and increased asset value. The Active Winglet system is comprised of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, and load alleviation technology. The load alleviation system counteracts gust or maneuver wing loading events and eliminates the heavy wing reinforcement and structural additions required by all passive winglets. To view more information on Tamarack Active Winglets please see www.tamarackaero.com.

The companies are each exhibiting at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 through July 22, 2018 as follows:
Kaman Aerospace Group: Hall 3 Pavilion 3160
Tamarack Aerospace: Hall 2 Pavilion 2186


Source: Kaman Aerosystems

Kaman Aerosystems Contact:
John Unghire, 860-729-8795
Senior Director, Business Development

Kaman Composites U.S. Contact:
Mark Withrow, 316-259-8860
Vice President, General Manager

Tamarack Aerospace Contact:
Paul Hathaway
VP of Marketing