Kaman Aerospace's Middletown Plant Sees Increased Demand for its Defense Products

July 26, 2000

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaman Aerospace Corp.'s (NASDAQ:KAMNA) Middletown plant (Raymond Engineering) is seeing an upturn in its business as a result of increased demand for products it supplies for missiles, military aircraft and other defense systems.

Kaman Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of safe and arm fuzing devices for missiles, memory systems for severe environment applications, and microwave cabling for military aircraft and space vehicles.

Harry Hutchins, vice president, Middletown Operations, said, "The components we make are integral to many other weapons systems, and much of the growth we are now seeing relates to the need to replenish weapons expended in international conflicts, most recently Kosovo."

In the last year, the Middletown facility has been awarded contracts for more than $17 million, and the long-range potential value of these awards exceeds $75 million, said Hutchins.

  Examples of recent awards, totaling in excess of $10 million, are:

  *  A follow-on contract with The Boeing Company to produce fuzes for the
     SLAM-ER (Stand-off Land Attack Missile-Extended Range), used by the
     U.S. Navy.

  *  An award from the Navy for the second year of a three-year contract for
     MK-54 fuzes that Kaman Aerospace makes for the Standard Missile, an
     anti-aircraft missile carried aboard ship.

  *  Follow-on contracts with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS, Norway, for
     FMU-145/B fuzes for the Penguin MK2 MOD7 anti-ship missile.  The fuzes
     will be delivered to a number of Kongsberg's customers around the
     world.  Kaman has been a supplier to Kongsberg since 1984.

  *  Kaman Aerospace and two other companies -- Dayron of Orlando, Fla., and
     KDI Precision Products of Cincinnati  -- successfully penetrated the
     European bomb and missile market through an association with Italian
     warhead-maker, Societa Esplosivi Industriali (SEI), S.p.A.

     "Team Fuzing," as the teaming arrangement is called, recently
     received a second, follow-on contract for bomb fuzes from France.  SEI,
     acting as the prime contractor for Team Fuzing's European activities,
     was awarded a contract from Thomson DASA Armaments on behalf of the
     French Ministry of Defence.  The contract is for the production of
     several thousand FMU-139A/B electronic bomb fuzes. Kaman Aerospace
     shares approximately one-third of the work supplying the fuze's safe
     arming unit.

Hutchins said the opportunities for winning additional international business are good, and it is Team Fuzing's goal to become a preferred supplier for fuze design, development and production within Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

In March, Raymond celebrated the delivery of its 10,000th Safe Arm and Fuze (SAF) device for the AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) built by Raytheon for the Air Force and Navy. Kaman began work on this fuze in the early 1980s, and in the last five years alone has produced 7,500 SAFs, with the largest quantity, 1,700, produced just last year, Hutchins said. The AMRAAM program has been worth an estimated $30 million to Kaman since its beginning.

Kaman Aerospace also supplies fuzes for Tomahawk, Harpoon, Maverick, Brimstone and other missile programs.

Memory Systems

For over 35 years, Kaman's Middletown Operations has been a leader in providing highly reliable memory systems for use in severe environment applications. The company designs and builds a range of memory products, including magnetic tape, hard disk and solid state systems that are specifically designed for use and survival in harsh operating environments as seen in military, aerospace and industrial applications.

To date, over 40,000 memory systems are fielded for use in over 120 airborne, shipboard and ground based programs such as the F-117A Stealth Fighter, the space shuttle and many others.

Kaman recently received a follow-on order for its Model 8440 magnetic disk memory system for use on Japan's P-3C maritime patrol aircraft. The order, which is the seventh annual purchase of the product, is worth about $550,000 to Kaman. The program is expected to continue for several more years as the full fleet of P-3Cs is upgraded. The system is assembled in Japan by Toshiba under a licensing agreement.

The Model 8440 is the world's first magnetic disk memory to be fully qualified for use on Air Force fighters, including the F-117A Stealth Fighter. For Japan's P-3C program, the system serves as the mass memory unit for the aircraft's on-board computer.

Microwave Cabling

The manufacture of microwave cable assemblies got underway recently in Middletown following the transfer last fall of the operation from its sister company, Kaman Instrumentation Corp., based in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Microwave cabling made by Kaman is used on many commercial and military satellites, and certain crystal clear satellite pictures of the earth are transmitted using Kaman microwave cables. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) signals that enable aircraft, ships at sea and land vehicles to locate their positions are transmitted using these cables.

NASA's Space Shuttle Orbiter uses them, as do some aircraft, such as the B1 and B2 bombers, and F-14, F-18 and F-22 fighters.

Kaman recently received in excess of $4 million to supply microwave cabling for several different military programs, such as missile and aircraft upgrades and replenishments.

The Middletown plant also manufactures high precision, noncontact measuring and sensing systems that measure thickness, flatness and vibration for customers in the aerospace and semi-conductor industries.

Kaman Aerospace Corp. is included in the Aerospace segment of Kaman Corp. of Bloomfield, Conn. In addition to its Middletown Operations, Kaman Aerospace manufactures the SH-2G Super Seasprite and K-MAX helicopters, and is a major subcontractor for commercial and military aircraft, including all current Boeing commercial airliners and the C-17 transport, as well as various models of the MD Helicopters family. Kaman Aerospace also is a leader in electro-optic systems and compact electromagnetic motors and generators. Kaman's Aerospace segment also includes Kamatics Corp., which manufactures self-lubricating bearings and coatings used extensively in commercial airliners and other applications.

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