Model 9660

Kaman Model 9660

The Model 9660 Multi-Port product is a small, lightweight, low power solid-state system designed to provide reliable data storage and high-speed data transfer operations. Based on Kaman’s years of experience in the design and qualification of data recording and retrieval systems, the Multi-Port system withstands the harsh demands of military environments.

Product Details

  • Incorporates three removable solid-state memory modules, two PCMCIA Cards, one SATA drive
  • Designed for use in severe environments
  • Hot swap capable
  • Memory modules can upload/download independent of the Multi-Port electronics unit
  • PC cards are compatible with standard ATA adapters and PCMCIA equipped computers
  • SATA drive requires Kaman’s SATA to USB docking station
  • Utilizes IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Base T triple channel Ethernet interface
  • Options include MPEG4 video encoder/decoder assembly and two port fiber optic assembly


Interface: 1Gbps Ethernet x 3 Thruput: 20 MB/s
Capacity: Up to 192GB
Memory/Slots: Kaman DTD x 1; Sentinel PC Card x 2
Power:  +28VDC

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