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The 9700 Series

Kaman understands how important it is to provide a reliable, robust, and intuitive data storage and transfer system that contributes to mission success. The 9700 Series is a complete data transfer system designed to align with Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACETM) standards and flawlessly operate in the harshest military, aerospace, and industrial environments.

The 9700 Series contains a Ground Station Adapter with an AES 256 encryption key, an electronics module mounted inside the aircraft, or vehicle that performs system interface, and a number of uniquely designed Kaman SATA cards boasting the largest, single-level-cell memory capacity on the market. The Kaman SATA card is hermetically sealed to withstand the most severe operating conditions while simultaneously providing an on-card encryption for data-at-rest functionality.

Complete Data Storage System - hermetically sealed SATA PC Card
Model 9740

The Model 9740 is a multi-port design featuring four (4) 10/100/1000 Ethernet channels that deliver high speed data transfer in support of Network Attached Storage functions that include NFS, FTP, TFTP, DHCP Server protocols as well as TCP/IP and UDP transport layer protocols. The Model 9740 delivers an industry leading through-put rate of 50 MB per second and a storage capacity of 2 TB. 

Heat ladders within the Model 9740 ensure that the device will withstand operating temperatures ranging from -40˚C to 71˚C – another industry best.  Similarly, the superior mechanical design enables the Model 9740 to withstand harsh conditions that include vibration endurance ratings of 3.89 GRMS and a crash safety shock rating of 30G peak. The unit meets MIL-STD-461F for EMI/EMC as well as MIL-STD-810 for altitude, humidity, salt spray, explosive atmosphere, and sand and dust. 

The system is low power – consuming a maximum of 22-watts with an input of 28 volts. It is compliant with all recognized sanitizing algorithms such as NAVSO 5239-26, NSA 9-12, AFSIS 5020, and DOD 5220.22-M.

Complete Data Storage System - hermetically sealed SATA PC Card
Model 9720

The Model 9720 is simply a smaller version of the Model 9740. The Model 9720 is a multi-port design, but with two (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet channels and 1 TB of total single-level-cell memory capacity with a power input of 12 volts.

The Model 9720 provides the same industry leading performance and complies with the same MIL-STDs and sanitizing algorithms as the Model 9740. The Model 9720 is an ideal solution when size and weight are more critical than the storage capacity.

Ground Station Adapter

Ground Station Adapter for Kaman SATA Cards

Interface: USB
Thruput: 30 MB/s
Capacity: Up to 512 GB
Memory/Slots: Kaman SATA Card x 1
Power: +5VDC (USB)

Encryption Key Programer

Interface: USB
Power: +5VDC (USB)

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