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Inductive / Eddy Current Technology linear displacement sensors rely on inductive techniques to induce current flow in a conductive target without physical contact. The term 'eddy current' refers to the fact that induced current flows in a circular pattern.
Here we have posted short dissertations on a variety of considerations before you select inductive “eddy current” technology for your displacement sensing application. Kaman maintains a staff of experienced applications engineers to assist you in fully understanding eddy current technology and how it can best be applied. (More)








Kaman has more than 50 years of experience applying eddy current technology for position/displacement applications. Listed here are just a few samples of the thousands of applications we have solved. Included is our “Applications Handbook,” which provides a review of the various circuit designs we offer, as well as what to consider when selecting an eddy current sensor. More



Robot repeatability | valve position | artificial heart diaphragm position | servo positioning | disc drive head flying height | oil film thickness | robotic welding servo position feedback | pulp paper refiner control feedback | turbine blade tip clearance | fuel injector needle lift | valve bounce | engrave head feedback | molten metal level | structural movement. (More)





Rotating shaft | ultrasonic weld norn | uranium enrichment centrifuge | dental drill | silicon wafer slicing blade | disc drive | transmission coupling | centrifugal pump | loudspeaker cone | gas turbine shaft | structural | servo valve. (More)





Mirror stabilization | fast steering mirrors | tensile testing | sounding rocket image trackers | seam tracking | magnetic bearing suspension | shaft alignment | mask alignment | parts positioning | sheet metal edge detection | die and ram alignment. (More)





Thickness | OD | ID | concentricity | straightness | flatness | insulation thickness | printer in cartridge foam thickness | copper clad PCB thickness | strip steel thickness. (More)





Multiple category sorting | metallic parts gauging | in-cage ball bearing presence | ceramic capacitor position | drill bit diameter sorting | multiple strand wire inspection. (More)




With state-of-the-art computer aided engineering tools, we can model a sensor system from the electromagnetic field produced by a particular coil design, through mechanical stress analysis and electronic circuit optimization. 

These tools are applied to both our standard product design, development, and sustaining
efforts, as well as our custom OEM solutions.

We are a LEAN organization operating in a 215,000 square-foot facility with AS9100 and ISO 9001 certifications. Manufacturing is set up in work cells, each fully tooled and staffed with trained technicians. This approach allows us to easily meet the needs of volume military and commercial OEM requirements. The facility includes a full CNC production machine shop, laser marking and welding, CMM inspection, and laser interferrometer calibration. We continually assess our manufacturing costs, and when research uncovers equipment or processes that allow us to minimize costs, we implement them to stay competitively priced in the markets we serve.


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