Missile Fuzing Systems

Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products is a major fuze system producer for many of the US Defense weapon systems.
Kaman missle fuzing
Our products are found on many new and legacy missile systems such as Maverick, Harpoon, Tomahawk, ATACMS, STANDARD, Hawk and AMRAAM. Our fuzing products segment is also involved with high-g, 3 axis data recorders and flight termination Safe & Arm system.
  • FMU-109 Harpoon Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-135 Maverick Missile Fuze
  • FMU-138 Tomahawk Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-141 Harpoon Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-146 TASSM Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-148 Tomahawk Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF)
  • FMU-155 SLAM-ER Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-156 JASSM Missile Fuze
  • FMU-161 ATACMS Missile Fuze
  • Mk54 SM-2 and SM-6 Standard Missile Fuze
  • M-100 Hawk Missile Fuze
  • FZU-49 AMRAAM Missile Fuze
  • Brimstone Missile Fuze
Switches, Probes and Sensors
  • JAMI Flight Termination System
  • FSU-45 Harpoon Probe Switch
  • FSU-46 Harpoon Probe Switch
  • FSU-47 Harpoon Probe Switch
  • FSU-55 SLAM-ER Probe Switch
  • DSU-52 Hydrostatic Sensor Firing Device
  • SM-3 Standard Missile
  • LEAP High-G Device