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Programmable Fuzes
For more than 75 years, a leader in the development and manufacture of safing and arming solutions.
Fuzing provides mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic safe/arm products for general purpose and penetration bombs, missiles and rockets. We are the sole source of the Joint Programmable Fuze (FMU-152 A/B) to the U.S. Air Force. Our year-round test facility is equipped with projectile velocity measurement equipment, projectile impact media, high-speed photographic equipment and lighting for night firing and tests.
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Capabilities include the design, development, test and manufacture of fuzing products. Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products’ year-round test facility is equipped with projectile velocity measurement equipment,  projectile impact media, and high-speed photographic equipment for firing and tests.


We are forward-looking and growth-oriented, pursuing and applying innovations in development and manufacturing technology. Our strategic vision to grow employs organic resources, teaming, co-development and co-production relationships with other qualified companies and government and university research agencies.
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Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products is the integration of two respected ordnance manufacturers in the  United States: Raymond Engineering of Middletown, Connecticut and Kaman Dayron, Inc. of Orlando, Florida.
Two great defense manufacturers, one specializing in missile fuzing and one specializing in bomb fuzing, came together to create a company that serves many of the U.S and international militaries’ missile and bomb systems.
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