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Cable Length and System Performance

An eddy current, linear displacement system consists of a sensor or probe, an electronics module and an interconnecting coax cable. At the heart of the system is the impedance bridge circuit. One leg of the bridge is connected to the sensor coil via the sensor cable. The impedance of that circuit is balanced with electronic components. As a target engages the electromagnetic field generated by the sensor, the impedance of the sensor side of the bridge changes resulting in an output change in the system.

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Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products is the integration of two respected ordnance manufacturers in the United States: Raymond Engineering of Middletown, Connecticut and Kaman Dayron, Inc. of Orlando, Florida. Two great defense manufacturers, one specializing in missile fuzing and one specializing in bomb fuzing came together to create a company that serves many of the U.S. and international militaries' missile and bomb systems.

Today, Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products has facilities in four locations:


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