Sustainability | Kaman


Green solutions for community, industry and the environment.

Environmental stewardship, carbon footprint and green manufacturing are words that until recently did not translate into manufacturing up-time, cost savings and production efficiency.

However, with the advent of emerging technologies, manufacturing innovation and corporate advocacy, it is not only possible, but also practical for industrial companies to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Today's plants are finding more and more that going green makes both social and economic sense.

Kaman Bearings & Power Transmission is proud to provide products that offer green solutions to a variety of common production requirements and challenges. Energy efficient motors, bio-degradable lubricants, high-efficiency hybrid bearings and process optimizing condition monitoring devices are just a few products that Kaman offers to strengthen the sustainability of your organization and environment. To learn more about some of the products, services and solutions available from Kaman, please read our UP-TIME publication on the website.