Testing Capabilities & Facilities

Kaman’s structural test facility has its own internal experimental machine shop and welding facility to assist in the manufacture of test support hardware, as well as load links and support structures. All load links / cells are manufactured, instrumented, and calibrated to the national bureau of standards by Kaman Aerospace.

The facility has data acquisition systems to support static and fatigue tests. These systems are based on a modular building block approach. Each module consists of a computer, monitor and printer, plus four 16-channel signal conditioner units. Each module has the capability to acquire, process and document up 64 data channels, which can be downloaded to Windows-based programs for engineering evaluation and test reports. This system is easily expanded for high volume testing.

Multiple Hydraulic Supplies

Kaman’s test facility also has multiple hydraulic supplies allowing for multiple tests to be run concurrently. Kaman’s expertise is designing and fabricating test rigs to accommodate the required test loads. Test capabilities include frequencies of up to 30 HZ.

The Kaman test facility has a steel test gantry 40 ft. by 20 ft. to support full-scale static and fatigue airframe and component testing. The test gantry has the capability of reacting loads up to 100,000 pounds. In addition to the test gantry there are numerous other stand-alone rigs that have similar load capacity and size to accommodate large aircraft components.

The following lists the recurring and non-recurring testing being performed in the structural test facility:

Static and Acceptance testing

  • Blade Damper acceptance testing
  • Blade Damper piston Rod flow test rig
  • SH -2 Main Rotor Hub Calibration fixture
  • SH-2 & KMAX Cargo hook production tests
  • SH-2 Tail rotor control cable proof test
  • KMAX control rod proof test
  • SH-2 engine hoist proof test
  • SH-2 liquid spring production test
  • SH-2 Vertical and lateral control rod testing
  • All Kaman and GSE support equipment static proof testing

Fatigue and Endurance testing

  • SH-2 Inboard Main rotor blade fatigue test fixture
  • SH-2 Outboard Main rotor blade fatigue test fixture
  • Azimuth and Tulip bearing fatigue test
  • Landing gear drop test rig
  • KMAX Hub fatigue test rig
  • KMAX Flap fatigue test rig
  • KMAX Inboard fatigue test rig
  • KMAX Outboard fatigue test rig
  • SH-2 Inboard fatigue test rig
  • SH-2 Outboard fatigue test rig
  • SH-2 Flapping Bearing endurance test rig
  • SH-2 Tie Bar fatigue test rig
  • KMAX Rotor shaft calibration fixture
  • Flat wise blade bending calibration fixture
  • SCRB blade fatigue test
  • KMAX clutch Static and Fatigue test

Structural Test Hydraulic power Supplies & Special Equipment:

  1. 5000 PSI power supply with cooling tank ( 80 GPM)
  2. 5000 PSI Lincoln power supplies (Qty 2) (60 GPM)
  3. 4000 PSI Power supply (40 GPM)
  4. 3000 PSI Power supply (34 GPM)
  5. Environmental Chamber
  6. 2000 lb Shaker with Vari - drive
  7. Over head hoists: 10 ton, 6 ton and 3 ton hoists qty 3
  8. Experimental Machine shop and welding area