Full-service airframe and component testing

From airframe static and fatigue testing to small or large component detailed parts testing, Kaman Aerosystems offers full-service testing for the commercial and military aerospace industry.

Products & Services

Kaman has an extensive history of static and fatigue testing of aircraft components up to full-size airframes. In addition to airframe testing,  Kaman has extensive experience in aircraft component and coupon testing. Tests have included main rotor blades, hub, flight controls and any aircraft part that requires U.S. government or FAA certification or requalification. Listed below are recent full-scale tests.

SH-2G Helicopter
Contracted by the navy for the service life extension program ( SLEP )
(Low Cycle and High Cycle)

SH-2G(I) Helicopter
Weapons Pylon static and Low Cycle fatigue

KMAX Helicopter
Low cycle fatigue of the airframe and drive system.

Piasecki YSH-60F/VTDP
Airframe Vertical and Lateral Static tests

Capabilities & Facilities

Kaman’s structural test facility has its own internal experimental machine shop and welding facility to assist in the manufacture of test support hardware, as well as load links and support structures. All load links / cells are manufactured, instrumented, and calibrated to the national bureau of standards by Kaman Aerosystems.

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