Composite Structures Aerospace Suppliers

Kaman Composites Group has a significant requirement to purchase materials and products in order to support our customers needs. Working with customers and our global supply chain, we aim to provide the most cost effective, best value solutions.

We apply our extensive knowledge to constantly minimize risk, reduce inventories, and further develop relationships to meet the demanding needs of our business environment. Kaman works with our suppliers at all levels to develop their capabilities in support of both our own and our customers needs for the future.

Our supply chain teams operate across our global business locations and are striving to secure solutions that ensure we meet the challenges of international collaborative programs. We work with suppliers to satisfy the demands of our customers in all aspects of their requirements. We have an approved network of suppliers with long terms logistical agreements, which enables us to draw upon the strongest capabilities and best value propositions that are constantly delivered by Kaman to all of our customers.

To download the most current Composite Structures Purchase Order Terms & Conditions, please see below:

The following document only applies to Purchase Orders Originating from our Vermont Composites Group:

CQR-002 Rev. T QA Codes for POs

The following document only applies to Purchase Orders Originating from our Connecticut Composites Group:

KCC-CQR-0001 Rev00 QA Code for POs