Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems

The Unmanned K-MAX® multi-mission helicopter is a highly capable, highly reliable unmanned aerial vehicle based on the proven K-MAX® medium-lift aerial truck helicopter.

Unmanned K-MAX®

The unmanned K-MAX® helicopter, with 6,000 lbs. of payload, is an Unmanned Aerial Truck (UAT). It provides precision aerial delivery in high-hot conditions, without the threat to human life, delivering supplies downrange, including: food, water, fuel, blood or bullets.

The K-MAX Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is centered on the versatile and efficient K-MAX air vehicle. With a lift capacity of 6,000 pounds and unmatched readiness and efficiency in its class, the K-MAX aerial truck was a natural choice for a new generation of optionally piloted vehicles. Whether the mission calls for saving lives with immediate resupply, or precisely placing a heavy load during infrastructure construction, the K-MAX UAS will be there, any place or any weather to do the heavy lifting.

It makes sense that Kaman would be the provider of heavy lift autonomy. Charlie Kaman, founder of Kaman Corporation flew the first unmanned helicopter in 1957. Since then, Kaman has been at the forefront of unmanned, heavy lift helicopter capability. In 2011, an earlier version of unmanned K-MAX supported the US Marines in Afghanistan. Over the 33-month deployment, two K-MAX unmanned systems delivered 4.5 million pounds of cargo to Marines at remote outposts in the combat zone. By taking to the skies and operating exclusively at night, K-MAX UAS operators negated the need for the equivalent of 900 ground convoy vehicles, thereby eliminating thousands of exposure hours to IEDs. We are proud to say that these autonomous, heavy lifters saved American lives.

Following the highly successful military service in Afghanistan, Kaman decided to leverage that experience to develop a new, commercial UAS suitable for operations in the United States and internationally. When the job is high, hot, dirty or dangerous, the K-MAX UAS will be ready to fight fires, deliver life-saving supplies, or perform the mundane operations that call for an unmanned, heavy lift helicopter. Wildfires do not rest at night, and neither will the unmanned K-MAX.

In addition to commercial UAS development, Kaman is partnered with the US Marines and NAVAIR to deliver the next generation of USMC aerial autonomy.