Air Vehicle Customer Service Center

Kaman's Customer Service Center (CSC) is designed to ensure that our customers' visits are productive and enjoyable. Located on the company's 200 acre Bloomfield, Connecticut campus, the CSC brings a number of customer support functions under one roof, including support for both K-MAX® and SH-2 Super Seasprite programs.


Take a a 3D tour of the Customer Service Center by watching the video below. Click on the video and move your cursor to look around the facility.

Level 5 Flight Training Device
K-MAX® Level 5 Flight Training Device (FTD)

The CSC houses the K-MAX® Level 5 FTD, which has been incorporated into the K-MAX® initial and recurrent flight training syllabus. The FTD is an effective tool that enriches the pilot training experience, and is used for pilot transition and requalification training.

The FTD was designed, manufactured, and installed by Entrol of Spain, which develops and manufactures aircraft Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (FNPT) and FTD simulators and devices designed to Certification Specifications for Flight Simulation Training Devices (CS-FSTD) and FAA FTD directives.

K-MAX Customer Service Team in front of Customer Service Center
K-MAX® Customer Service Team

The K-MAX® Customer Service Team is centrally located in the CSC, allowing customers uninterrupted access to this group while they are visiting. Additionally, Kaman personnel have the opportunity to foster stronger relationships with customers for long-term mutual success.

The K-MAX® Customer Service Team is dedicated to providing spare parts and service and sharing technical knowledge with K-MAX® helicopter operators. The team's job is to ensure that operators have the support they need to keep their aircraft flying, maximizing flight hours and revenue opportunities.

Pilot office
Kaman Pilot Offices

Kaman's pilots serve as both test and training pilots, and combined have many decades of flying experience with a wide variety of rotary wing platforms. They are intimately familiar with the flight characteristics of Kaman aircraft, and are valuable resources for our customers. Kaman pilots assist customers with the FTD and actual flights, and their proximity to customers allows us to ensure successful transitions for customers' pilots.

Kaman Customer Service Center Training Room
Training Room

The CSC houses our advanced classroom training facility, which is a comfortable classroom that includes tablet devices for each class participant and modern audio-visual equipment for sharing information. Additionally, the classroom contains K-MAX® components and systems that serve as training aids, ensuring that each student receives hands-on experience with each critical aircraft system.

Customer office space with locker for pilot
Customer Office Space

The CSC is designed to be our customers' office away from home. Desk space, a dedicated conference room, kitchen, and guest wifi are all available amenities. In addition, the space is designed specifically so that customers can come and go as they please, without the need for a Kaman escort.

Kaman Customer Lounge
Customer Lounge

We want to ensure your visit with Kaman is stress-free, and have dedicated space for a customer lounge within our CSC. This space includes comfortable furniture for relaxation, when time permits.

We realize that without customers, none of this would exist. As a tribute to our customers around the world, the lounge area is adorned with logos of all K-MAX® operators and the flags of the nations that currently fly the SH-2.