It all begins with our people.

Our future rests squarely on the shoulders of our 5,100 employees. That’s why we continue to invest in programs that support our people. From a highly successful initiative that is expanding opportunities for women at Kaman, to a company-wide online learning tool, to a leadership development program that engages individuals across the organization, Kaman is focused on ensuring that we have the talent and know-how needed to forge the future we all want to see.

Investing in the most promising growth opportunities.

We are investing in the facilities, programs, and operations that show the most potential for profitable growth. In 2018, we received the largest single Joint Programmable Fuze order in our history, contributing to over $475 million in new Joint Programmable Fuze orders in a twelve-month period. We also completed a number of facility expansions at the Specialty Bearings & Engineered Products business to support the growth we are seeing across the diverse end markets we serve. On the Distribution side, we are delivering strong organic growth, onboarding new Corporate Accounts and leveraging our data analytics capabilities to drive profitable growth in 2019 and beyond.

Innovations that lower costs, speed production, and raise quality.

From new data analytics tools in our Distribution business to “lights-out manufacturing” in parts of our specialty bearings manufacturing facility, Kaman is counting on innovative technologies to power our future. As our Distribution customers increasingly look to us to help them improve their efficiency, we are deploying new solutions and approaches to help them. Our Aerospace business continues to improve operational efficiency by introducing automation and robotics to its production processes.

Commitments that strengthen our communities.

We know that we are only as strong as the cities and towns in which we operate. That’s why Kaman continues to support our communities around the world. This takes many forms, including company-supported initiatives like the Team America Rocketry Challenge, Habitat for Humanity, the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, and the Urban League. Employees also give back to their communities independently, including donating time and effort to charities, coaching sporting events, mentoring kids, and leading youth groups.

the future of kaman is happening today

  • As we focus on the future of our company, I know that they are our best assurance of building an even stronger, more prosperous Kaman for our shareholders, our customers, our communities, and each other.

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    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
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