Ingenuity when it counts
from housing in New England to mining in California.

Kaman’s Distribution business touches virtually every facet of American life, delivering ingenuity where it’s needed most.

A team from our Engineered Solutions Group in Franklin, MA worked closely with the new product development team at AEGIS Energy Services Corporation to help design, build, and program the controls portion of its Powerverter PV75/100 cogeneration system. Kaman Automation continues to support AEGIS Energy on its cogeneration systems, which produce both hot water and electricity (including emergency/standby) from a single fuel source, thereby reducing overall energy costs for apartments and condominiums. It’s one example of how Kaman’s ingenuity supports our customers in achieving their most important goals.

Across the country, Kaman specialists partnered with one of the world’s largest metals and mining corporations to develop the material handling portion of a new boron plant at an existing mine. Our solution requires less maintenance and has resulted in lower energy consumption.