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Proxy/Summary Compensation Table/Pension Benefits

The table below shows the present value of accumulated benefits payable to each of our named executive officers at age 65 and the number of years of service credited to each of them under the Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan, which we call the "pension plan," and the SERP as of December 31, 2013.

Name Plan Name Number of
Years of
Value of
During Last
Fiscal Year
Neal J. Keating Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan 6.38 $240,898
SERP 6.38 $1,013,613
Robert D. Starr(2) Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan 4.85 $103,194
William C. Denninger Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan 4.81 $235,732
SERP 4.81 $285,013
Gregory L. Steiner Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan 5.63 $211,843
SERP 5.63 $206,818
Steven J. Smidler(3) Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan
Ronald M. Galla Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan 29.7 $1,693,008
SERP 29.7 $2,346,578
Shawn G. Lisle(3) Kaman Corporation Employees' Pension Plan
  1. Represents the present value of accrued benefits under our pension plan and SERP based upon the following assumptions: (a) for the pension plan, that each executive is employed until retirement, that his or her benefits commence at the earlier of normal retirement age (generally, age 65), and that the earliest age at which an unreduced pension could be received (e.g., age 63 with 30 years of service) and (b) for the SERP, the change to interest rate methodology required under the Pension Protection Act of 2006 and elimination of pre-retirement mortality assumptions because SERP benefits are payable as a lump sum. Please see Footnote 15 to the Company's audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2013, for a description of material assumptions.
  2. Mr. Starr is not a participant of the SERP because the pension plan was frozen prior to Mr. Starr being appointed an executive officer.
  3. Messrs. Smidler and Lisle are not participants in the pension plan or SERP because the pension plan was closed to to new hires before Messrs. Smidler and Lisle joined the Company.

The pension plan is a tax-qualified plan that provides benefits for full-time U.S. employees hired prior to June 1, 2009, at Kaman Industrial Technologies and prior to March 1, 2010, at Kaman Corporation and other participating subsidiaries (with the exception of certain acquired companies that have not adopted the pension plan). Employees become participants upon their completion of certain hours of service requirements and become vested in their pension benefits generally upon attaining five years of continuous service, as defined by the pension plan. Normal retirement, as defined by the pension plan, is generally age 65, however employees that work beyond age 65 may continue to accrue benefits. Employees may retire as early as age 55 with 5 years of service in accordance with pension plan provisions. The annual benefit under the pension plan is generally 60 percent of the average of the highest five years of "Covered Compensation" out of the final ten years of employment less 50 percent of the primary social security benefit, reduced proportionately for years of service less than 30 years. At Kaman Corporation, the parent company, participants who joined the company prior to 2004, have 30 years of service, and have attained age 63, are permitted to retire with a pension benefit unreduced for early retirement. None of the named executive officers, except for Mr. Galla, is eligible for the unreduced pension. The pension plan limits the amount of pension benefits that may be provided to participants under this formula in accordance with certain limits under federal tax laws. To the extent these limits apply to certain executive officers, the Company provides an additional benefit under the SERP program. Except as provided below, our SERP program generally makes each participant whole for the benefits under the retirement formula described above that could not be provided under the pension plan due to these limits. Only salary and annual bonus amounts are treated as pensionable earnings on and after January 1, 2006. Benefits under the SERP are based on the highest five years of pensionable earnings over the last ten years whether or not consecutive. The SERP has been amended to comply with the requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 409A.

The pension plan was amended by the Board in early 2010 to close the plan to new hires on or after March 1, 2010. Existing employees at that time continue to participate in the pension plan subject to the following changes when calculating pension benefits: (i) changes in pay after 2010 are disregarded; (ii) compensation in the highest five years out of the last ten years of service prior to 2011 will be taken into account, whether or not consecutive; and (iii) a participant's years of service as defined by the pension plan will continue to count for accruing benefits under the pension plan through December 31, 2015. Corresponding changes were made to the SERP at the same time to assure consistency with the pension plan changes. These changes did not affect individuals who were already retired or had terminated employment and were vested in their pension benefit.