AR 13


Proxy/Non-Employee Director Compensation/Communications with the Board

Shareholders or others wishing to communicate with any member of the Board, a Board committee, or the Lead Independent Director may do so by mail, addressed to Kaman Corporation Corporate Headquarters, c/o Corporate Secretary, 1332 Blue Hills Ave., Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002 or by e-mail through the Kaman Corporation web site at www.kaman.com using the tab "About Kaman", then selecting "Contact Kaman - General Inquiries" and then choosing the "Contact Kaman - Corporate Secretary" link. The Corporate Secretary will compile all such communications and forward each item to the individual to whom it is directed or, if the communication is not directed to any particular Board member, to the entire Board. Items that the Corporate Secretary determines are frivolous, unlawful or that constitute commercial advertisements will not be forwarded to the Board or any particular Board member.