AR 13


Part II

Financials/Financial Statements and Supplementary Data/Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements – Note 16

For the Years Ended December 31, 2013, 2012 and 2011


Other long-term liabilities consist of the following:

At December 31,
In thousands 2013 2012
Supplemental employees' retirement plan (SERP) $ 9,091 $ 10,035
Deferred compensation 13,472 12,665
Long-term incentive plan 7,051 6,084
Noncurrent income taxes payable 3,332 3,886
Environmental remediation liability 8,256 9,903
Other 5,836 6,837
Total $ 47,038 $ 49,410

Disclosures regarding the assumptions used in the determination of the SERP liabilities are included in Note 15, Pension Plans. Discussions of our environmental remediation liabilities are in Note 11, Environmental Costs, and Note 17, Commitments and Contingencies.

The Company maintains a non-qualified deferred compensation plan for certain of its employees as well as a non-qualified deferred compensation plan for its Board of Directors. Generally, participants in these plans have the ability to defer a certain amount of their compensation, as defined in the agreement. The deferred compensation liability will be paid out either upon retirement or as requested based upon certain terms in the agreements and in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 409A.