AR 13


Part II

Financials/Business/Availability of Raw Materials

While we believe we have sufficient sources for the materials, components, services and supplies used in our manufacturing, we are highly dependent on the availability of essential materials, parts and subassemblies from our suppliers and subcontractors. The most important raw materials required for our aerospace products are aluminum (sheet, plate, forgings and extrusions), titanium, nickel, copper and composites. Many major components and product equipment items are procured from or subcontracted on a sole-source basis with a number of domestic and non-U.S. companies. Although alternative sources generally exist for these raw materials, qualification of the sources could take a year or more. We are dependent upon the ability of a large number of suppliers and subcontractors to meet performance specifications, quality standards and delivery schedules at anticipated costs. While we maintain an extensive qualification system to control risk associated with such reliance on third parties, failure of suppliers or subcontractors to meet commitments could adversely affect production schedules and contract profitability, while jeopardizing our ability to fulfill commitments to our customers. Although high prices for some raw materials important to some of our products (steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and nickel) may cause margin and cost pressures, we do not foresee any near term unavailability of materials, components or supplies that would have an adverse effect on either of our business segments. For further discussion of the possible effects of changes in the cost or availability of raw materials on our business, see Item 1A, Risk Factors, in this Form 10-K.