In 2012, Kaman continued to invest in
      our future – the customer relationships,
     technology, acquisitions and people that
    will drive success in the coming years.

    Every investment is intended to serve two overarching
   purposes. They make our company stronger, more efficient
  and more profitable. And they support our customers –
 current and future – by providing more value-added
solutions that drive their success and prosperity.

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Customer Relationships: Aerospace


A new 100,000 square foot building in Jacksonville, Florida to house the A-10 and AH-1Z programs.


Significantly enhanced ability to provide global aerostructures solutions to domestic and global customers.

The investment in the Jacksonville facility represents a step in Kaman's continued evolution from a "build-to-print" business to a more proactive "design and build" company. This transition is making us a more holistic, value-added partner to our aerospace clients.

Customer Relationship: Distribution


Three distinct product platforms, built through organic growth and targeted acquisitions in new product areas including, most recently, electrical and automation components and solutions.


The capability to deliver more value to more clients in a $35 billion market, capitalizing on significant cross-selling potential.

With the addition of Catching Fluidpower in 2011 and Zeller Corp. in 2012, Kaman Distribution now has three product platforms: MRO - Bearings and Power Transmission, Electrical and Automation Control, and Fluid Power. These acquisitions, which strengthen Kaman's position in the fluid power and electronics markets, move the company up the technology curve, where we serve as a true value-added partner to our clients.

Technology: Aerospace


Investments in state-of-the-art robotics at the 175,000 sq. ft. Kamatics facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


Technology investments will sustain strong growth momentum and enhance productivity at Specialty Bearings and Engineered Products, which has seen a dramatic increase in revenues without a corresponding increase in overall headcount.

Across Kaman Aerospace, targeted investments keep the company on the leading edge of new developments in robotics, information technology and engineering. These investments have enabled Kaman to supply content on virtually every aircraft manufactured today, and a growing installed base of manufacturers looks to Kaman for continued technological and engineering innovation.

Technology: Distribution


A $45 million investment in a new state-of-the-art, enterprise-wide business system.


Faster transaction processing, enhanced decision support tools, easier integration of acquisitions and even more exceptional customer service.

Aggressive growth targets require a strong, reliable and extensible technology infrastructure. The new ERP system will not only make Kaman Distribution more efficient, it will enhance customer service and provide the IT backbone needed to support a significantly larger, more profitable and responsive organization.

Acquisitions: Aerospace


Completing the integration of Vermont Composites Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of composite aerostructures and advanced composite medical equipment.


Accelerated momentum in higher-growth composite structures sectors and additional capabilities to enhance "design and build" offerings.

Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, including Brookhouse (2008), Global Aerosystems (2010) and Vermont Composites (2011), Kaman Aerospace has added capabilities from design and manufacturing through aftermarket MRO. The added expertise acquired through these acquisitions enable Kaman Aerospace to solve the world's toughest engineering challenges, supporting the aerospace, industrial and defense industries.

Aquisitions: Distribution


Acquisition of Zeller Corporation, a distributor of electrical and automation components and solutions provider, and a premier Schneider Electric distribution partner.


New growth opportunities as a value-added solutions provider, leveraging a wider and deeper distribution network.

The acquisition of Zeller supplements and strengthens the recent acquisitions of Minarik, Target Electronic Supply and Automation Technology. Complementing organic growth across the business, these acquisitions illustrate our overall strategy of increasing product depth and expanding geographical footprint.

Our People Background


Kaman attracts, develops and motivates a team of highly skilled professionals in a wide range of disciplines.


The next generation of leaders will drive innovation and growth across all areas of the company.

In 2010, Kaman launched a formal Leadership Development Programdd intended to identify and develop individuals with the talent, intellectual capacity, drive and interpersonal skills needed to become the company's next leaders. High-potential individuals from across the organization have participated in this ongoing program, which is just one way that Kaman promotes a highly-skilled, well-motivated and diverse workforce.

Leo Lafluer Value Stream Manager, Kamatics

When Leo, a long-term Kamatics employee, returned from an eight-month military deployment, Kaman welcomed him back with a job opportunity that reflects his background with the company as well as his experience serving in the armed forces.

Scott Alibozek ERP Project Manager, Distribution

A participant in Kaman's Leadership Development Program, Scott has steadily advanced from his first position in the transportation department to his current role as a manager on the Distribution segment's major ERP initiative.

Joni Mantor Machining Support Operator, Precision Products

Joni took advantage of the company's tuition reimbursement program to obtain both undergraduate and MBA degrees

Eweka Pryce Machinist Apprentice, Kamatics

Highly skilled machinists are vital to Kaman's success. That's why we partner with the State of Connecticut as well as local educational institutions to train qualified machinists like Eweka

Carmen Rivera VP, Human Resources, Distribution

Carmen was previously Director of Human Resources at Kamatics. Her promotion to her current role reflects Kaman's commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities for advancement across all segments.

The Future

Since our founding in 1945, Kaman has been a company
focused squarely on innovation and growth... the future.
And we have always recognized that building
the future requires investing today. We look
forward to meeting the future with
confidence, and to reporting
further progress next year.