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Through our deep understanding of our customers and how to properly apply the products we sell to address their issues, Kaman has developed a host of targeted service solutions that take our value as a distribution partner to a whole new level.

Documented Savings

DocumentedSavings.jpg Kaman Industrial Technologies is committed to using its skills and knowledge to help customers become more productive, more competitive, and more profitable. We take an interest in our customer's success by identifying elements of the cost of doing business. We provide a methodology for measuring cost savings and submit, in writing, "Documented Savings" applications that are mutually developed and agreed to by Kaman Industrial Technologies and the customer.

Today's business environment requires that companies do everything possible to remain competitive. While Asset Management means bottom-line savings, it also involves identifying long-term needs and ongoing savings opportunities.

We combine our knowledge, experience, technical ability, and vendor communications to solve customers' problems, while saving them money. By leveraging all available resources Kaman Industrial Technologies extends beyond the traditional role of distributors.

Energy & Power Management


With reducing energy costs the leading driver of manufacturing efficiency worldwide, Kaman is committed to working with our customers to develop a comprehensive energy strategy. Regardless of industry, active management of your energy use can deliver utility savings of 10% to 30% across the board, with savings of 30% to 50% in specific applications.

Read more about Kaman's energy capabilities: Steam System Whitepaper, Motor System Whitepaper, Motor Management Whitepaper



DocumentedSavings.jpg Kaman's eProcurement services are focused on providing efficient and cost-effective access to the products you need, when you need them. We've developed a variety of system capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. From our innovative e-commerce website to complete supply chain system integration, we can tailor an effective eBusiness solution to satisfy your company's requirements.

Fluid Analysis Program


Make informed maintenance decisions, extend equipment life, identify problems and maximize asset reliability by utilizing Kaman's fluid analysis services. Get your analysis results almost immediately after processing is complete.

Download the Fluid Analysis Report Format

Government Services/GSA


We're committed to providing the best value to America's government agencies, institutions and contractors. As one of the nation's leading suppliers of Power Transmission, Automation and Control products, we know what it takes to provide superior operational solutions, meet your delivery requirements, comply with FAR regulations, and win your trust.

Inventory Management


Kaman Industrial Technologies goes far beyond the role of traditional supplier, becoming a true business partner with the goal of helping companies find ways to reduce costs.

Our priority is to find new and better ways to maximize your plant's up-time while reducing costs. Such programs can take a variety of forms and include both analytical and product-related services. Whatever the approach, Kaman Industrial Technologies will find ways to maximize the overall productivity of your operation.

National Accounts


Through continuous evaluation and closely managed programs, service and relationships, Kaman's National Agreements are implemented to develop strategic and tactical objectives, achieving best-in-class business processes, substantial cost reductions and the most efficient management systems.

We accomplish this objective by having the most technically talented product application people, advanced systems, the most customer-focused service and support personnel, and by continually improving our business processes.

Our goal is to make our customers more productive, competitive and profitable.

Download the National Accounts Program Overview

Reliability Services


Kaman's Maintenance & Reliability Services can help to proactively identify and resolve crises before they occur and swiftly engage the necessary resources to improve competitiveness and success in any industry. Kaman's program engages with our customers to design custom solutions beyond the traditional role of a distributor.

Download the Predictive Service corporate profile