Missile Fuzing

Fuzing & Precision Products is a major fuze system producer for many of the US Defense weapon systems.
Our products are found on many new and legacy missile systems such as Maverick, Harpoon, Tomahawk, SLAM-ER, ATACMS, STANDARD, Hawk and AMRAAM. Our fuzing products segment is also involved with high-g, 3 axis data recorders and flight termination Safe & Arm system.
  • FMU-109 Harpoon Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-135 Maverick Missile Fuze
  • FMU-138 Tomahawk Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-141 Harpoon Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-146 TASSM Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-148 Tomahawk Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF)
  • FMU-155 SLAM-ER Cruise Missile Fuze
  • FMU-156 Bomb and Missile Fuze
  • FMU-161 ATACMS Missile Fuze
  • Mk54 Standard Missile Fuze
  • M-100 Hawk Missile Fuze
  • FSU-10 Phoenix Missile ESAD
  • FZU-49 AMRAAM Missile Fuze
  • Brimstone Missile Fuze
Switches, Probes and Sensors
  • JAMI Flight Termination System
  • FSU-45 Harpoon Probe Switch
  • FSU-46 Harpoon Probe Switch
  • FSU-47 Harpoon Probe Switch
  • FSU-55 SLAM-ER Probe Switch
  • DSU-52 Hydrostatic Sensor Firing Device
  • SM-3 Standard Missile
  • LEAP High-G Device