Kaman Aerosystems designs and builds flight-critical components, structures and systems for the most challenging technical and operational applications.

Kaman Aerosystems develops and delivers a broad array of aircraft engineering design and analysis solutions

Kaman Aerosystems is a global leader in tooling design and manufacture for civil and military aircraft platforms on fixed wing, rotary and space applications

Kaman Aerosystems designs and builds structural composite assemblies for flight critical applications.

Kaman Aerosystems produces large aircraft structures and sub-assemblies, as well as hundreds of thousands of sheet metal details, extrusion and machined parts.

From airframe static and fatigue testing to small or large component detailed parts testing, Kaman Aerosystems offers full-service testing for the commercial and military aerospace industry.

Kaman Aerosystems engineers, designs, manufactures and repairs advanced-technology air vehicles and flight-critical components.