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Kaman Composites-Vermont

For over 30 years, Kaman Composites-Vermont (formally Vermont Composites) has provided our customers with a complete range of professional engineering and production support.

With experience in design and manufacturing of high-technology composite products, Kaman Composites-Vermont serves an internationally recognized customer base in the aerospace and medical/industrial markets.

In the aerospace defense market, Kaman Composites-Vermont has developed and fabricated products that are used for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems, Unmanned Air Vehicles, and “Special Missions” aircraft. In the commercial market, Kaman Composites-Vermont manufactures secondary structures and fairings for business aircraft, and interior structures for First Class suites on Commercial Aircraft.

Engineering Capabilities:

  • Conceptual Design & Analysis
  • Process Engineering
  • Tool Design
  • Material and Component Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Data Storage

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Kit Cutting
  • Core Fabrication
  • Layup
  • Autoclave Processing
  • Resin Transfer Molding
  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Finish, Prime & Paint

Kaman Composites - Vermont has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of composite flight vehicle structures.   Applications range from large aerodynamic structural fairings for Special Forces and reconnaissance aircraft to small FSS radome panels for unmanned air vehicles.

These structures vary in size and complexity from simple monolithic aerodynamic fairings to compound curvature skin panels containing several FSS radomes. We provide our customers with the design, analysis, testing, tooling and manufacturing engineering necessary to provide cost effective and weight efficient solutions.


  • Search Radar and Communication Link Radomes
  • Integral Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) Radomes
  • Infrared Countermeasures (IRCM) Support Structures and Fairings

Unmanned Air Vehicles

  • Airframe Structures
  • Mission Package Structures

Aircraft Control Surfaces

  • Empennage – Rudders, Elevators
  • Ailerons
  • Winglets

Aircraft Interiors

  • Seats and Seat Components
  • Ultra First Class Cabin Suites

For over 20 years, Kaman Composites-Vermont has led the industry in the development and fabrication of lightweight EMI shielded electronics enclosures. These composite enclosures offer weight savings of 30-50% over conventional materials while maintaining equivalent structural and electrical performance. Kaman Composites-Vermont has experience with the design, analysis, testing and fabrication of enclosures ranging from small ATR style chassis to large double bay cabinets.

  • Operator Work Consoles
  • EMI Shielded Cabinets
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Mission Package Structure

Kaman Composites-Vermont offers weight saving solutions for the complex mission packages found on today’s ISR manned and unmanned aircraft. Kaman Composites-Vermont has designed and produced mission package structure for the following aircraft systems:

  • RC-135 Rivet Joint
  • YAL-1A Airborne Laser
  • 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control
  • RQ-4 Global Hawk
  • P-8A Poseidon

We continue to develop advanced lightweight enclosures with the highest EMI shielding capability.

Kaman Composites-Vermont has more than two decades of experience in building space structures. We design and fabricate structural components for satellites, air launch, and ground launch systems. Structures include fuel cell chassis, engine support structures, avionics bays, payload fairings and nose cones. We manufacture with high modulus, low out-gassing material systems to meet the unique demands of space-based components.

Primary & Secondary Structures

  • Vertical Launch Vehicle Primary Structures
  • Payload System Support Structures
  • Engine Support Rings
  • Payload Fairings
  • Nose Domes
  • Aerodynamic Fairings
  • Satellite Fuel Cell Enclosures