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Unmanned Aerial Systems

In support of the resupply and distribution system, the K-MAX UAT fulfills a significant capabilities gap with its substantial 6,000 lb. payload.

K-MAX Unmanned

Provide precision aerial delivery in high-hot conditions, without the threat to human life. Deliver food, water, fuel, blood or bullets. Insert and retrieve unmanned ground vehicles. Place data relay stations or communication equipment without endangering the lives of a crew.

The UAT continues a Kaman tradition of pioneering unmanned helicopters. In 1957, Charles Kaman, founder of Kaman Corporation, created the first pilotless aircraft. In 2010, Team K-MAX® (Kaman Aerospace and Lockheed Martin), successfully demonstrated the K-MAX® aircraft's unmanned capabilities to the U.S. Marine Corps at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.

Kaman’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Product Group is founded on the Unmanned K-MAX®, with growth potential into other unmanned market segments, pursuing unique combinations of autonomy and emerging technologies.

Kaman has been developing the Unmanned K-MAX® since 1998. In March 2007, Kaman and Lockheed Martin (Team K-MAX®) signed a Strategic Relationship Agreement (SRA) to pursue U.S. DoD opportunities.

The Unmanned K-MAX® multi-mission helicopter is a highly capable, highly reliable unmanned aerial vehicle based on the proven K-MAX® heavy-lift aerial truck helicopter. The unmanned K-MAX® helicopter, with 6,000 lbs. of payload, is an Unmanned Aerial Truck (UAT). It delivers unprecedented potential for battlefield sustainment and increased tactical mobility.