People Powering Value-Added Solutions

Kaman Distribution has evolved from supplying parts to delivering solutions.

For Kaman Distribution, delivering value to customers means being more than a parts supplier. Today, Kaman is a true partner to our customers, delivering complete solutions that make them more efficient and successful.

“Adding value means working hard to understand a client’s business and unique needs. This is how we were able to help Lite-Check develop a more efficient diagnostic testing solution.” Cody Harmon
Account Manager, Kaman Fluid Power, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Consider our relationship with Lite-Check, a provider of diagnostic testing equipment for the trucking industry. Kaman’s engineers designed and manufactured a pneumatic manifold for Lite-Check that increased the reliability of their testing machines. This solution was spearheaded by Cody Harmon, who joined Kaman through our acquisition of Northwest Hose & Fittings, and Tim Sly, who joined from the Calkins Fluid Power acquisition. The success of the Lite-Check relationship illustrates not only our focus on providing value-added solutions; it demonstrates our success in effectively integrating new acquisitions — and talented people — into the Kaman way of doing business.

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