People Powering Innovation

From new processes to next-generation products.

In 2014, a large engine original equipment manufacturer awarded Kaman Aerospace a contract to manufacture composite A-frame fairings in support of an Airbus commercial platform. It was the beginning of a successful relationship, based on trust and demonstrated performance, which continues to grow. Because of the long-term nature of this relationship, Kaman has been able to invest in innovative manufacturing processes that include purpose‑built “cells” or configurations that create efficiencies benefitting both Kaman and our customer. We continue to implement such innovations across our sites, including our U.K. Composites site, which was awarded a long-term contract in 2016 to support additional engine platforms, led by program manager Wendy Crozier.

“As our relationship with an international engine OEM has grown across our sites, we’ve been able to innovate our manufacturing processes to deliver even greater value.” Brian Cormier
Program Manager, Kaman Aerosystems - Composite Structures, Bloomfield, Connecticut

Behind this successful relationship is a cross-functional team of program managers, engineers, technicians, and quality specialists. The team works collaboratively, across four facilities in the United States and Great Britain, to ensure that we continue to deliver extraordinary results – and continuous innovation – to this important global customer.

Our focus on innovative products is exemplified by Kaman Specialty Bearings. Our industry-leading KAflex® and Tufflex® couplings are maintenance-free, repairable, and have extended service life and increased reliability.

Bryan Tat, a Specialty Bearings machinist at our Bloomfield, CT facility.

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